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You're a Heartbreaker
The "For LP Fans Only"-version, which has been believed to be a different and later RCA transfer (worse than the first) of a SUN single, has bass clicks going all the way up to 20 kHz. This is the version with all the echo and a first conclusion was that RCA added this echo in 1959. However, it shouldn't be possible to derive this genuine high-end from the usual, dry (and overall much better) SUN 78 RPM version. Did SUN release two different versions in 1955, one with echo and one dry? One 78 RPM and one 45 RPM transfer checked so far. Both were identical to the dry version without the high-end.

email: steve_sholes@elvisrecordings.com

Mystery Train
A version running almost 3 seconds longer than the original version was released on a 1987 CD called 'Elvis Presley - The Legendary' (The Entertainers, CD 0254, JOKER Tonverlag AG - manufactured in France by LOR-Disc). Can this be found on any other release? It doesn't appear to have been on the original SUN 78 RPM nor the 45 RPM? Thanks Sven Adamski for this find!

Real Audio sample with amplified fade-out.

Several SUN 45's and 78's checked. Thanks everybody! It doesn't appear on any of them. However, it does appear on the 1972 U.K. LP
Rock 'n' Roll (yellow cover, 68 photo. SF 8233). Only the break on the very last note differs slightly. The source ought to be the same. (Thanks Kevan!)

There has been some confusion about versions here. The original SUN/RCA version was interrupted before the fade was over. The BMG version is faded even earlier. This European version is longer than any of them. Please listen to the sample to make sure if in doubt. On the longest version the very last note can be heard if the amplitude is raised.

Blue Moon
Is the master on the known tape of outtakes,
Sun box #8?

Yes. Thanks Paul Dowling for the Ernst Jorgensen Interview.


Milkcow Blues Boogie
Has anybody heard the RCA 78 RPM single from November 1955? I would like to know if the 3 pops just before the fade-out can be heard on it as well. If the pops are here too, the RCA master used must come from a Sun 78.

RCA version mastered from a SUN 78. Thanks Paul Dowling for the Ernst Jorgensen Interview.

Milkcow Blues Boogie
Can it been confirmed that the acetate that Bonhams had for sale really contains an alternate version?

So far I've got replies from two persons. An expert on the subject has heard it and thinks it's a fake, the other got information from the owner saying it was a slower version. We can probably conclude that it is a fraud. Thanks for the information!

Trying to Get to You
Can an acoustic guitar be heard on this? Lee Cotten ('All Shook Up') among others say that Elvis may be playing the piano.

No one has heard an acoustic guitar so far. Now Jorgensen admits in 'A Life in Music' that the guitar "drops out of the mix".

Silent Night
RBD-177. Reader's Digest CD released in 1991, possibly containing Silent Night with session talk. This information can be found on page 571 of David Petrelle's "Solid Gold Elvis".

Not session talk, the 1967 Christmas message. Thanks Peter from Vienna!

Follow That Dream
What take is on the Argentinian CD 25 Grandes Exitos? Has the stereo master been found?

Take 2. Fraudulent claims! Demand your money back.

Roustabout "no. 2"?
Otis Blackwell has said that it is the only song of his he knows Elvis recorded that never was released. All of the Roustabout songs except the title track were finished by April 3, 1964, whereas the instrumental track of 'Roustabout' was recorded on April 29 with vocals overdubbed on May 14. There must have been a reason for this. Was there a Roustabout (no.2)?

Roustabout is track N : Counting the songs leaves one free letter, omitting the letter I of course.

Yes! but tape is lost. Thanks Paul Dowling for the Ernst Jorgensen Interview.

Kentucky Rain
What take or version is on the 1998 U.S. Love Songs CD?

Original version, different mix. (The Man and His Music #39)


Recordings wanted

I would like to get in contact with generation-counting collectors of studio recordings. (buy/trade)

I am also interested in exchanging experiences on the subject. (Equal confidentiality on demand.)

email: steve_sholes@elvisrecordings.com

Also wanted:
DAT transfer of 7.5 ips "Moody Blue" reel-to-reel (EPP1 2428)


Examples of recordings wanted:

Live 1954-1955. Unrestored acetate transfers of released recordings or any new material. Especially unrestored transfers of the two new acetate sides released destroyed on the "Good Rockin' Tonight" CD are of interest.

Shake Rattle and Roll/Lawdy Miss Clawdy session in better quality

January 12-13 Unrestored binaural sessions of low generation.

1957: February 14.
Loving You main title version in binaural

1958 June sessions in better quality.

1960: Anything new or in better quality from "Elvis Is Back!" sessions

Black Star/Flaming Star sessions from the mono backup tapes

Blue Hawaii sessions in stereo (like the "Alt. Golden 3" source)

Kid Galahad sessions in stereo

It Happened at the World's Fair sessions

Fun in Acapulco sessions

1964: More January outtakes

1964: More
Girl Happy outtakes

How Great Thou Art sessions in stereo

1960-1969: Unreleased acetate transfers of movie masters with dialogue.

1970-1976: Any unreleased regular studio outtakes transferred from tape.



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