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Still the best Elvis site on Internet, Willem Kaauw's For Elvis CD Collectors with the latest news on import releases and reviews.

Frequently updated site by Oven Egeland with thoughtful, critical reviews, recording data, Real Audio and BMG news. We need more sites like this to identify the good and bad products out there.

Original research with detailed analyses of songs Elvis is rumoured to have recorded. A must! (Shane Paterson)

On the this site you'll find everything you need to put The King in control of your desktop, themes, wallpapers,  screensavers and so on.

Hans-Henrik Koch from Denmark has spent years on a fantastic database  on Elvis recordings. Here you'll find all releases of songs, sorted by date or title, as well as an illustrated discography.

My Canadian friend, Pete Smith, has a great site with reviews, Real Audio & Video, pictures and trade lists.

Paul Dowling's Worldwide Elvis is the ultimate site for the latest BMG news. Rare records from all over the world, Ernst Jørgensen interviews and much more.

Elvis Unlimited

Growing Elvis Day-by-day site. (Ola Ström)




Popular MP3 Decoder (Windows, Freeware).
Only versions 2.20-2.22 use the good Fraunhofer decoder (shareware, v2.22 still available on

Sound editor (Windows).

L.A.M.E. (Freeware/open source) was the only MP3 Encoder that produced fantastic results during my tests. By encoding in "
Joint stereo/256 kbps/High" (still a 1:5 ratio) the result was as transparent as one could ever hope for, beating the Fraunhofer encoder in every aspect, such as frequency range and less artifacts on difficult material where usual psychoacoustic models may fail. I hate to admit that I even failed to tell an encoded signal from an original, derived from a 48kHz/20bit-SBM A/D transfer of a 7.5 ips reel with a 60's soundtrack through a pair of Sennheiser HD600 headphones.
For non-Linux mortals, download
CDex for a good Windows frontend. (Freeware)

CDex Homepage

I have no way of verifying it, but DropMP3 seems to be something similar for MacIntosh.




David Griffith's Homepage
Famous Java coder (everybody has probably seen the Lake applet). I use his PopMenu applet on these pages.




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