Overdub Session for RCA, March 20, 1969 (bass/guitar/organ/piano/harmonica/harmony vocals)

Studio :

American Sound, Memphis, Tennessee

Producer :

Chips Moman, Felton Jarvis

Engineer :

Al Pachucki

Gentle on My Mind (overdub)

XPA5 1155

March 20 (Thu.): 19:00 - 22:00

Take NA


Band & harmony vocal overdubs after strings


Overdubs M 3:24 Backup vocal overdubs possibly on March 25? March 25? (Great Country DSD°°)



Bass :

Tommy Cogbill

Guitar : Reggie Young

Organ :

Bobby Emmons 

Piano :

Ronnie Milsap

Harmonica :

Ed Kollis

Harmony vocals : Ronnie Milsap (Gentle on My Mind)


Some instruments, such as bass and left channel organ effect (perfectly isolated), of the basic track of Gentle on My Mind were replaced on March 20 after the inital, basic January 15 recording. Most or all of the harmony vocal is thought to have been provided by Ronnie Milsap on the March 20 overdub session (sample), but there is a possibility that they were overdubbed by Joseph Babcock on March 25. To make things even more complicated, there are one or two parts where it shouldn't be excluded that the harmony vocals possibly are by Elvis (sample), but these harmony vocal parts are so constrained and with such poor attenuation that the only way this could be Elvis seems to be if they used the rejected (last, morning January 15) laryngitis vocal channel for harmony vocal parts on this particular song. It's difficult to tell with the harmony vocals drowning in the mix with the main vocals and in practice this ought to mean that the first vocal track is still there on the 8-track and that shouldn't be the case.