Overdub Sessions for RCA, September 25-26, 1969

Studio :

RCA Studio A, Nashville, Tennessee

Producer :

Felton Jarvis, Chips Moman

Engineer :

Al Pachucki

Let Us Pray (v.o.)

ZPA4 1957

September 25-26?

Take NA



Vocal replacement of March 6 basic master 

Double Features(R)°°/You'll Never Walk Alone(O)°°/soundtrack°(+chorus)

A Little Bit of Green (v.o.)

XPA5 1148

September 25-26?

Takes NA


Vocal replacement of January 14 master


Overdubs M 3:22 Charlie Hodge harmony v.o. on September 26 September 26 (Back in Memphis°°)

A Little Bit of Green (overdub)

XPA5 1148

September 26 (Fri.): 18:00 - 19:00

Takes NA M 3:22 Charlie Hodge harmony v.o. after vocal replacement Back in Memphis°°(O)



Harmony vocal :

Charlie Hodge


According to 'Day By Day' (Guralnick/Jorgensen) Elvis and Charlie Hodge took a plane to Nashville on September 25 to add vocal overdubs and make repairs on several songs and on September 27 Elvis returned to Memphis. The only confirmed recording is Charlie's harmony vocal overdub on A Little Bit of Green. It is not unlikely that Elvis did his vocal replacement to that song on these overdub sessions as well. Another vocal replacement that may be from this session is And the Grass Won't Pay No Mind. The original vocal track was erased on the 8-track master, which would indicate that it was. Hopefully there exists an acetate that could confirn whether it was repaired before or after May 7. 

Vocal replacement of Let Us Pray is very likely to have taken place on September 25-26 as well.