Overdub Session for RCA, May 8, 1969 (brass & backup vocals)

Studio :

RCA Studio A, Nashville, Tennessee

Producer :

Felton Jarvis

Engineer :

Al Pachucki

Arranger :

Glen Spreen

Clean Up Your Own Backyard (overdub)

XPA1 3976

May 8 (Thu.)

Takes NA



Brass & backup v.o. of October 23, 1968 master

Almost in Love LP(O)°°/Double Features(R)°°

Almost (overdub)

XPA1 3978

May 8 (Thu.)

Takes NA



Brass overdubs after string overdubs

Let's Be Friends LP(O)°°/Double Features(R)°°



Trumpet :

R.F. Taylor, Dick Steff

French Horn :

Joe D'Gerolamo

Trombone :

Jack Hale, Gerald Richardson

Saxophone :

Glen Spreen, J.P. Lyper

Backup Vocals : Jeannie Green, Donna Thatcher, Mary Holladay, Susan Pilkington


Rejected overdubs for the October 23, 1968 Swing Down Sweet Chariot may have been overdubbed on this session as well. The song was not released on record at the time and neither the 1983 'Legendary Performer'  volume 4 version nor the later Double Features master has any brass or female backup vocal overdubs. This could be what Tunzi is referring to in Sessions II when stating the horn overdub of Almost was eliminated (it was not).