Overdub Session for RCA, May 7, 1969 (brass and backup vocals)

Studio :

RCA Studio A, Nashville, Tennessee

Producer :

Felton Jarvis, Chips Moman

Engineer :

Al Pachucki

Arranger :

Glen Spreen

From a Jack to a King (overdub)

XPA5 1158

May 7 (Wed.): 19:30 - 22:30 

Take NA


Brass overdubs after string overdubs


Edit M 2:25 'Mock voice' (2:04-2:07) replaced with (1:16-1:19) Great Country DSD°°(O)/Back in Memphis°°(O)
repeated: "You made me king of your heart" (sample)

Without Love (overdub)

XPA5 1159

May 7 (Wed.): 19:30 - 22:30 

Takes NA



Brass & backup vocal overdubs after string overdubs

Back in Memphis°°(O)/Memphis Record°°(R)

And the Grass Won't Pay No Mind (overdub)

XPA5 1267

May 7 (Wed.): 19:30 - 22:30  

Takes NA  M 3:11

Brass and backup v.o. after string overdubs

Back in Memphis°°(O)

Stranger in My Own Home Town (overdub)

XPA5 1266

May 7 (Wed.): 19:30 - 22:30 

Takes NA M 4:25 Brass overdubs after strings Back in Memphis°°(O)/Memphis Record°°(R, 4:39, poor eq)



Trumpet :

R.F. Taylor, Dick Steff?

French Horn :

Joe D'Gerolamo, Tony Cason? 

Trombone :

Jackie Thomas, Jack Hale, Gerald Richardson?

Saxophone :

Glen Spreen, J.P. Lyper?

Backup Vocals : Jeannie Green, Donna Thatcher, Mary Holladay, Susan Pilkington


Since strings were overdubbed in the afternoon in Memphis, this means that both Al Pachucki and at least the Without Love master tape must have moved quickly from Memphis to Nashville. It would be interesting to learn how such trips were arranged.

The rough repair of the 'mock voice' part near the end of From a Jack to King includes the mix of all channels rather than just the vocal track and is therefore assumed to exist on the 2-track album master only. This is also thought to be the reason for omission on the remastered 'The Memphis Record'. The finished master does not exist on multitrack. Now in digital age this could be remastered and repaired much nicer, preserving the original performance by the band all the way.

Only 7 of the 9 listed members of the Memphis Horns were present on this session.