Studio Session for RCA, March 20, 1967

Studio :

RCA Studio B, Nashville, Tennessee

Producer :

Felton Jarvis

Engineers :

Jim Malloy

Suppose (overdub)

UPA3 2263

March 20 (Mon.): 10:00 - 13:00 

Take NA



Overdub of home recording

60's Box 3/Celluloid Rock vol. 2(different mixes of tracks)

Take NA



Celluloid Rock vol. 2(track only)


Guitar :

Scotty Moore

Guitar :

Chip Young

Guitar :

Grady Martin

Bass :

Bob Moore

Drums :

Murrey "Buddy" Harman

Drums :

D.J. Fontana

Piano :

David Briggs

Steel Guitar :

Peter Drake

Harmonica :

Charlie McCoy

Backup Vocals :

The Jordanaires: Gordon Stoker, Hoyt Hawkins, Neal Matthews and Ray Walker

Backup Vocals :

Millie Kirkham


The basic recording of Suppose features Elvis' voice and piano by Charlie Hodge. The exact date is unknown, but it is usually referred to as a home recording. A mono version of the basic recording with echo was released on RCA's "silver box". Apart from different mixes of the overdubbed version, a binaural version of the basic recording with dry vocals was released on 'Celluloid Rock' volume 2. This version is noice-reduced and has the piano track slighty leaking into the vocal channel. Still, the sound quality and frequency response is better than on usual home recordings. It probably was recorded at home, but using a professional tape machine then. In 'Elvis Sessions II' Tunzi suggests that the rhythm track possibly had been laid down earlier in the studio (June 10, 1966) and this is still one possibility when judging from the sound of the binaural track.

A second overdubbed version with shorter intro was released as an instrumental track on "Celluloid Rock" volume 2. Note that 2 versions were mentioned in the 1984 session book 'Reconsider Baby' (Jorgensen et al.).