Studio Session for RCA, June 12, 1966

Studio :

RCA Studio B, Nashville, Tennessee

Producer :

Felton Jarvis

Engineers :

Jim Malloy

Indescribably Blue (v.o.)

TPA4 0982

June 12 (Sun.): 19:00 - 22:00? 

Take 01



V.O. of track recorded on June 10

Always Me 2°+"tape"

Take 02



(without announcements: 2:48)

Gold Records 4(O)/60's Box 3(R)/Tomorrow Is a Long Time(R)+"tape"

I'll Remember You (v.o.)

TPA4 0983

June 12 (Sun.): 19:00 - 22:00? 

Take 01



Track recorded June 10. Used for spliced master

Compl. Spinout Session°(last part only)

Take 02



Compl. Spinout Session°/Always Me 2°

Take 03



Used for spliced master

Compl. Spinout Session°(complete take in fragments)




Spliced from takes 3 and 1. Edited RCA master: 2:07

60's Box 3(R)/Tomorrow Is a Long Time(R)/Spinout (O, edited)

If Every Day Was Like Christmas (v.o.)

TPA4 0984

June 12 (Sun.): 19:00 - 22:00? 

Take 01



Track recorded June 10

Tiger Man 1°

Take 02



Master overdubbed on June 20

Memories of Christmas°°(remixed, piano intro different)



Indescribably Blue has better ambience on the first CD version of "Gold Records volume 4" than on the BMG remaster. A very good source of this master is the reel-to-reel "Golden Records vol.3 & 4" (ST 713-P-DP).

The bootlegged mono outtakes
Indescribably Blue and I'll Remember You as released on "There's Always Me" vol. 2 and "Complete Spinout Sessions" are flawed with a really bad, dynamically processed high-end producing a pulsating noise. ("There's Always Me" vol.2 has to be one of the most overrated "bootlegs" in terms of sound quality. The whole thing sounds as if it was recorded with poorly calibrated dbx and played back without.)

The undubbed
If Every Day Was Like Christmas as released on "Memories of Christmas" actually has the vocals of master take 2, although they can't be synchronized with the master. On average, this undubbed version runs a little more than 0.5% too slow and has a different piano intro that is played an octave lower. The piano intro of bootlegged take 1 is however the same as on the RCA/BMG master so it seems something happened during remixing of the version on "Memories of Christmas".

To solve sequence of the the bootlegged
I'll Remember You fragments, the track on "The Complete Spinout Sessions" was pitch-adjusted (101.254% stretch) to match BMG's remaster which was considered reference. With the obvious possibility of misidentification of takes 1 and 3, guessed sequence then becomes:

Take 1
00:00-02:12 UN
02:12-03:06 (
see tape note 9.)
03:06-03:52 (BMG master same time 03:06-03:52, or RCA master 01:44-02:30)
03:52-04:04 UN

Take 3
00:00-02:12 (
tape note3, = BMG master same time 00:00-02:12)
02:12-03:06 (
see tape note 7.)
03:53-04:04 (
see tape note 4.)

BMG master
00:00-02:12 Take 3
02:12-03:06 Take 1 (this part also on bootlegged tape)
03:06-03:52 Take 1 (this part not on bootlegged tape)
03:52-04:04 Take 3

I'll Remember You tape notes referring to bootlegged track running 10:14

1. 00:00-00:03 Announcement of Take 1. (Followed by possible cut)

2. 00:03-00:06 The end of an interrupted reply by Elvis. It would take a stereo source to determine whether the tape was cut here or if the microphone was turned off during the announcement as it often would.

3. 00:06-02:18 Guessed Take 3 running from start and then cut after "...promise always".
(00:06-01:50 of this take used on original edited master "
...till then" 0:00-1:42)
(00:06-02:18 of this take used for extended BMG master 00:00-02:12)

4. 02:18-02:29 Ending of guessed Take 3. (background vocals: "you"...last note)
(this part used for original edited master 2:31-2:42)
(this part used for extended BMG master 3:53-4:04)

5. 02:30-06:54 Complete take 2. No part cut or used for master.

6. 06:54-06:58 Announcement of Take 3, interrupted-tape cut.

7. 06:58-08:39 The rest of assumed Take 3, after "promise always"(note 3 above), not used for spliced master.
o-o you remember too"...background vocals: "I'll remember"-cut)
Fragment described in
note 4 above fits perfectly after this cut.

8. 08:40-08:50 Silence. Tape cut.

9. 08:51-10:14 pick-up after tape cut of assumed Take 1 then tape cut "I will remember too(low)...till then"
08:51-09:20 "
I will remember too(low)...promise always" not used for RCA/BMG master
09:20-10:14 "
o-o you'll remember too...till then" used for extended BMG master only 02:12-03:06