Overdub Session for RCA, March 18, 1965

Studio :

RCA Studio B, Nashville, Tennessee

Producer :

Chet Atkins

Engineer :

Bill Vandervort

Tomorrow Night (overdub)

SPA4 2331

March 18 (Thu.)




Overdub of F2WB 8115 recorded in 1954

Elvis for Everybody CD"°°"

slowed down



Original master slowed down ~8%

Elvis for Everybody LP"°°"/°


Guitar :

Chet Atkins

Guitar :

Grady Martin

Guitar, Harmonica :

Charlie McCoy

Bass :

Henry Strzelecki

Drums :

Buddy Harman

Backup Vocals :

The Anita Kerr Singers: Anita Kerr, Dorothy Dillard, Louis Nunloy and William Wright


Tomorrow Night, originally recorded at SUN in August or September 1954, was slowed down about 8%, thus transposing it a half step down, for the original release on Elvis for Everybody in 1965. The reason was surely to match the vocals with Presley's of 1965. Whether the pitch adjustment was done before or after the instrumental or background vocal overdubs is not known. The background vocals may sound slowed down as well, but the guitar work sound equally good at both speeds. Opinions are welcome of course. BMG's 1990 CD release of the same album has this overdub running at the original Sun pitch, but again, it's hard to tell if the originally slowed down master was speeded up this time or if it is how the master sounded before slowed down.