Overdub Session for MGM: It Happened at the World's Fair, Date unknown, 1962

Studio :

Radio Recorders, Hollywood, California?

Producer :

Leith Stevens?

Engineer :

Dave Weichman?

Take Me to the Fair (movie version, overdub)

Take NA



Ukulele overdub of September 22 record version

WPA5 2552

Soundtrack°+"It H. at the W. Fair FTD°"(acetate)/Original Film Music 1°



Ukulele :



An acetate source of the overdubbed movie version of Take Me to the Fair was released on the 2003 FTD It Happened at the World's Fair. An alternate source with further overdubs of sound effects and longer intro, but otherwise of slightly better sound quality can be found on the original movie soundtrack.

Thanks to Tony Dobb for identifying the identical vocals of the movie and record versions. The recording date of "August 30" given in Tunzi's Sessions I & II may be due to transcription of handwritten notes.