Studio Session for RCA, April 14, 1956

Studio :

RCA Studios, Nashville, Tennessee

Producer :

Steve Sholes

Engineer :

Bob Ferris

I Want You, I Need You, I Love You

G2WB 0270

April 14

Take 01

Take 02

Take 03



When All Was Kool/Always Me 1/(I Beg of You)

Take 04



Platinum 1+"When All Was Kool"/(I Beg of You)/(Always Him)

Take 05

"When All Was Kool"(announcement only)/"(I Beg of You)/(Always Him)"

Take 06

Take 07

Take 08

Take 09

Take 10

Take 11

Take 12

Take 13



Today, Tomorrow and Forever

Take 14



Leg. Perf. 2 (CD&LP)/(I Beg of You)/(Always Him)

Take 15

Take 16



50's Box 5/(I Beg of You)/(Always Him)

Take 17




Spliced from takes 14 and 17

Elvis 56(2003)/Love Songs LP(K-TEL)/50's Box 2


Guitar :

Elvis Presley

Guitar :

Scotty Moore

Guitar :

Chet Atkins

Bass :

Bill Black

Drums :

D.J. Fontana

Piano :

Marvin Hughes


The master of I Want You, I Need You, I Love You is listed as being spliced from takes 14 and 17. This is hardly true for any vocal part if the outtake released on "A Legendary Performer" vol. 2 really is take 14. The first vocal part of alternate take 16 (released on the 50's Box) sounds very close to the master. The 5 second instrumental intro of the master was either pitched about 1.5% slower or recorded in a lower key and a slower tempo. This 5 second intro could be from take 14 as corresponding pitch adjustment makes it fairly synchronized with the master.

On both take 14 and 16, Elvis goes up on the first "...with all...". So this part must be from take 17 on the spliced master. There is a dropout on take 16 after 23 seconds.

Perhaps the master was spliced from take 14 (instrumental intro, ~1.5% slower) (0:00-0:005), take 16 (0:05-0:23) and take 17 (0:23-2:41).

The spliced master suffers from dynamic compression.

The correct matrix number of I Want You, I Need You, I Love You ought to be G2WB 0270. It's annonced as G2WB 0270 and that number is printed on the master log. For some reason Jørgensen and Tunzi have always listed it as G2WB 0271.

No other takes of I Want You, I Need You, I Love You have been released although the covers of "I Beg of You" and "There's Always Him" say differently. "Take 5" should read take 14 (the announcement is for take 5, that's all) and "take 11" is actually take 16.