Rehearsal for SUN, June 26, 1954

Studio :

Sun Studio (Memphis Recording Service), Memphis, Tennessee

Engineer :

Sam Phillips

Without You

June 26


Rag Mop

June 26



Guitar :

Elvis Presley


In May or June 1954 Sam Phillips received a demo from Peer Records of the song Without You, sung by an unknown

singer. He failed to locate the singer and Marion Keisker suggested Elvis.

This rehearsal was most likely not recorded. Several songs were attempted without success, but no other titles are

known. It's not impossible that they tried Casual Love Affair, since this much talked about song obviously

wasn't the flipside of the second acetate. It's an interesting coincidence that the actual flipside was a song called

It Wouldn't Be the Same (Without You). However, if any of the information given by Sam Phillips on the Peer Records

demo and Elvis' second acetate is correct, it couldn't be the same Without You.